Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Remover Body Massager Slimming Anti-Cellulite Machine

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Ultrasonic Cavitation Fat Remover Body Massager Slimming Anti-Cellulite Machine

EMS + Infrared + Ultrasonic body beauty device, helps you burn the fat and tighten your skin with no rebounce, restore the elasticity and active the cells more thoroughly, regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.


  • Three technology: EMS + Infrared + Ultrasonic, help burning fat on different body part.
  • 5 Modes of EMS (Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Slimming).
  • 5 working intensity, meeting your various requires.
  • Burn the fat and tighten your skin with no rebounce.
  • Restore the elasticity and active the cells more thoroughly.
  • Regulate internal secretion and accelerate consuming of fat, realize the dreams of body slimming.
  • LED photon therapy,dilute dullness, remove acne, eliminate wrinkle.
  • Use together skin care gel, body slimming gel.
  • It's not only applicable on face shaping, but also on body slimming.

Instruction of different functions:

1. Infrared Function
Infrared ray can penetrate into deep skin and subcutaneous tissues. The wavelength created is very close to the vibration frequency of cell molecules of the body, through resonance absorption, the friction between molecules generates heat, thus increasing the temperature of deep subcutaneous tissues and accelerating circulation of blood. As a result, it can clear the waste in blood vessels, eliminate body injures and activate histiocytes to prevent aging. Therefore, infrared ray can have prevention and cure effect on various diseases caused by poor blood circulation and micro-circulation problems. It is also used to help people with arthritis and abnormal metabolism.

2. EMS
Adopts the principle that it will consume the fat when muscles are vibrated, and adpots the periodic changes of current, using the power therapy repeatedly to achieve the effect of weight loss, massaging and relaxing. When muscles are excited by low frequency current, this causes muscle vibration within certain amplitude. The movement of muscles which is not controlled by will is called passive movement. When this movement happens in the body, burning of energy in the body is more active. Under such circumstances, the amount of consumed oxygen and release of carbon dioxide and water can increase by dozens of times. Under normal movement , muscle may consume 60-70 joule energy per second, but under high frequency movement, muscle can consume 3000-4000joule energy per second

3. Ultrasonic Massage
The ultrasonic vibration can promote the metabolism to excrete the melanin that accumulated in the skin, improving the spots caused by sunburn. Through vibration, makes the skin care products penetrate into the skin, which can benefit for absorption of nutrition. Its heat action, physical and chemical action can increase the deep skin temperature, which can accelerate metabolism and enhance the regeneration of fat and evacuation of tissue waste, repair lymph and capillary vessels, thus promoting body slimming.

  • Material: ABS
  • Input: 100-240V
  • Output: 15V  800mA
  • Power: 6W
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 1MHz
  • Plug Type: US Plug, EU Plug(Optional)
  • Color: White
  • Diameter: Outer: 5.5cm / 2.2inch
  • Item Size: approx. 18.5 * 8 * 6cm / 7.3 * 3.1 * 2.4inch
  • Package Weight: approx. 392g
  • Item Type: Body Slimming Machine
  • Function: Accelerate Metabolism, Enhance Tissue Regeneration Process, Dilute Dullness, Anti Aging, Lose Weight, Slim Body

Package List

  • 1 x Main Machine
  • 2 x EMS Pads
  • 1 x EMS Cord
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x English Manual
  • 1 x Travel Bag


  • Please stop using if you feel any irritation.
  • Patients, pregnant women and cardiac patient should not use this device.
  • It is suggested to use the device for 10 minutes for each function for the first time, and gradually increase time to 20 minutes.

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