Universal Waterproof Case for Smartphone Device to 6" Fit iPhone X/8/8p/7p/6p Samsung Galaxy s8/s8p/s7,for Water Parks/Beach/Cruise/Pools

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Why buy?
  • 1. Universal Cell Phone waterproof case dry bag fits most smartphone up to 6.0" diagonal size, some big screen phones need to remove protective case. Note: not support iPhone 7(Plus) home button function.
  • 2. Adjustable Military Parachute Cord Rope Lanyard with a minimum breaking strength of 300 pounds. By moving the Double Barrel Cord Lock you can adjust the length that you feel comfortable.
  • 3. Crystal clear Window perfectly and flexibly for photography, videography. Access to full touch screen functionality.
  • 4.Adopt superior Eco-Friendly TPU Material, offers waterproof / snowproof / dirtproof protection for your device. Friendly Reminder: Before using it, please put tissue inside the bag then soak it into the water for some time to test if it will be water leaking.
  • 5.Extra room for credit card, cash, ID while beach surfing drifting skating skiing fishing swimming boating kayaking gardening snorkeling scuba-diving, bath Spa, grass sledding, jungle adventure, water-polo, or any other water park activities/aquatic sports.



The user must first perform a waterproof test before use.

Test Methods

  1. Put a dry tissue in the bag, completely close the bag
  2. Put the bag into the water of 20cm depth or more and put a certain weight on the bag to avoid floating.
  3. Take it out after 30 minutes.
  4. Dry the bag before opening the bag. 
  5. Check the tissue, do not use this product if the tissue is obviously wet.

For poor waterproof products, the store refunds free of charge.


In order to prevent the TPU film from sticking, please blow in the air into the bag before putting it into the phone to fully expand the bag to facilitate the mobile phone.